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    • Appointments Board disciplinary rules: approved by the University Council 

      Kyambogo University Appointments Board (Kyambogo University(Unpublished work), 2017-11-29)
      These Rules are to provide for the disciplinary procedure of the Kyambogo University Appointments Board, streamline its functions, administration, standards and other related matters. These Rules are promulgated in ...
    • Approved criteria and guidelines for the appointment and promotion of academic staff 

      Kyambogo University (Kyambogo University [unpublished work], 2021-10)
      During the last decade, Kyambogo University has significantly improved its infrastructure, and currently working hard to change its internal processes to make it a world class University. The University has reviewed its ...
    • Approved framework for appointment of teaching staff after retirement 

      Kyambogo University (Kyambogo University [unpublished work], 2014)
      In order for Kyambogo University to transition into a modern, competitive University in the 21st Century with the capacity to attract and retain the best academics, who will promote relevant, appropriate and ground ...
    • Approved Medical Insurance Scheme for Staff of Kyambogo University 

      Kyambogo University (Kyambogo University(Unpublished work), 2017-08)
      The University has a Medical Centre which provides health services to both staff and students. It also provides referrals to both staff and students to other designated health facilities on cases which cannot be provided ...
    • Information Communication Technology Policy: approval by Council on 17th-Nov-2014 

      Kyambogo University (Kyambogo University(Unpublished work), 2015-03-19)
      Using information Communication Technology as a key enabler to realize Kyambogo University vision of being a centre of academic and professional excellence is obligatory. It is a key driver to building a culture of effective ...
    • Intellectual property policy 

      Kyambogo University (Kyambogo University [unpublished work], 2021-11)
      Kyambogo University is one of the nine public universities established to provide higher education in Uganda. The University was created as a merger of three former institutions of Institute of Teacher Education, Kyambogo ...
    • Kyambogo University Financial Management Manual 2014 as Amended 2021 

      Kyambogo University (Kyambogo University [unpublished work], 2021)
      Management of finances and other resources is fundamental to the success of teaching and research programs in Kyambogo University. The approval of this Policy Manual by the University Council is, therefore, a central step ...
    • Kyambogo University Gender Policy: approved by the University Council and Commencement 

      Kyambogo University Council (Kyambogo University(Unpublished work), 2014-07-10)
      Kyambogo University's target is to be one of the very best universities in Uganda and Africa at large. To reach that target, the knowledge and ambitions of employees and students must be utilised, and their different ...
    • Policy and Procedures for Revocation of Awards 

      Kyambogo Univerty (Kyambogo University(Unpublished work), 2017-01)
      Quality education is the most influential force for alleviating poverty, improving health and livelihoods, increasing prosperity and shaping more inclusive, sustainable and peaceful societies-UNESCO (2015). In the same ...
    • Quality Assurance Policy 

      Kyambogo University (Kyambogo University(Unpublished work), 2014-11)
      Globally, the resultant impacts of the rapid growth, popularization and internationalization of higher education have raised public interest in the relevance and efficacy of higher education. Consequently, in many ...
    • Research and Innovations Policy 

      Kyambogo University (Kyambogo University(Unpublished work), 2014-11)
      Kyambogo University vision of being a centre of academic and professional excellence can only be realised through building a culture of research. In light of the above, the University formulated this policy on Research ...
    • Reviewed Kyambogo University Examination Regulations 

      Kyambogo University (Kyambogo University(Unpublished work), 2015-10-28)
      At its 2nd session of the 58th meeting of Senate held on 28th October, 2015, Senate reviewed some sections of the examination regulations.
    • Rules of Procedure for Kyambogo University Council 

      Kyambogo University Council Charter (Kyambogo University(Unpublished work), 2016-07)
      Kyambogo University is a Public University established in 2003 by the Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act 2001, as amended in 2003 and 2006. It was specifically established under Statutory Instrument, Number ...