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    • Food as a human right during disasters in Uganda 

      Rukundo, Peter Milton; Iversen, Per Ole; Oshaug, Arne; Omuajuanfo, Lovise Ribe; Rukooko, Byaruhanga; Kikafunda, Joyce; Andreassen, Bård Anders (Elsevier: Food Policy, 2014-12)
      Natural and human induced disasters are a threat to food security, economic progress and livelihoods in Uganda. However, we have limited knowledge regarding the putative role of the human rights dimension to the impact and ...
    • Food variety consumption and household food insecurity coping strategies after the 2010 landslide disaster : the case of Uganda 

      Rukundo, Peter M; Oshaug, Arne; Andreassen, Bård A; Kikafunda, Joyce; Rukooko, Byaruhanga; Iversen, Per O (Cambridge University Press: Public Health Nutrition, 2016-06-09)
      To evaluate the nutritional situation of the victims of the 2010 landslide disaster in Uganda, food varieties consumed and coping strategies were assessed. Design Cross-sectional. Food variety scores (FVS) were obtained ...
    • Perceptions on the right to adequate food after a major landslide disaster: a cross-sectional survey of two districts in Uganda 

      Rukundo, Peter M; Iversen, Per O; Andreassen, Bård A; Oshaug, Arne; Kikafunda, Joyce; Rukooko, Byaruhanga (BMC International Health and Human Rights volume, 2015-04-25)
      Despite the instruments on the right to adequate food adopted by the United Nations, there exists limited information on how this right is perceived. Following a major 2010 landslide disaster in the Bududa district of ...