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    • Chronic physical conditions, multimorbidity and physical activity across 46 low- and middle-income countries 

      Vancampfort, Davy; Koyanagi, Ai; Ward, Philip B.; Rosenbaum, Simon; Schuch, Felipe B.; Mugisha, James; Richards, Justin; Firth, Joseph; Stubbs, Brendon (Springer Link: International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity., 2017-01-18)
      There are no nationally representative population-based studies investigating the relationship between physical activity, chronic conditions and multimorbidity (i.e., two or more chronic conditions) in low- and middle-income ...
    • Physical activity and anxiety: a perspective from the World Health Survey 

      Stubbs, Brendon; Koyanagi, Ai; Hallgren, Mats; Firth, Joseph; Richards, Justin; Schuch, Felipe; Rosenbaum, Simon; Mugisha, James; Veronese, Nicola; Lahti, Jouni; Vancampfort, Davy (Elsevier: Journal of Affective Disorders ., 2017-01-15)
      Despite the known benefits of physical activity (PA) among people with anxiety, little is known about PA levels in people with anxiety at the population level. This study explored the global prevalence of anxiety and its ...
    • Physical activity correlates in people living with HIV/AIDS: a systematic review of 45 studies 

      Vancampfort, Davy; Mugisha, James; Richards, Justin; De Hert, Marc; Probst, Michel; Stubbs, Brendon (Taylor&Francis: Disability and Rehabilitation, 2017-03-22)
      Understanding barriers and facilitators of physical activity participation in persons living with HIV/AIDS is an essential first step in order to devise effective interventions. The present review provides a systematic ...